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Allure Peacock Panel Turquoise 24" X WOF

Print: DP26700-66
Collection: Allure
Designer: Deborah Edwards and Melanie Samra
Manufacturer: Northcott Fabrics
Release Date: Fall 2023
Width: approximately 24" x 43"/44" (width of fabric)
Content: 100% Cotton

Notes: Peacocks have been cherished for their opulent feathers and striking iridescent color for centuries. Though originally from Southeast Asia, they have been coveted worldwide for more than four thousand years.
Created by design duo, Deborah Edwards and Melanie Samra, Allure invites you to share in the fascination of this magnificent bird in stunning shads of azure, teal, turquoise, and purple with accents in yellow and ochre.
Allure is beautifully painted in alcohol ink creating subtle tints, tones, shades and multi-blended hues. The show-stopping panel plays a starring role with a supporting cast of feathers in various sizes and colors.
A wide range of stunning textures and stripes in light, medium and dark values offer infinite creative possibilities.

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